Company Profiles

3 -Colors is registered in Hong Kong in  2011, have a branch business office in Shenzhen city  of China.Over 10 years we are become a  professional tool maker for high precision mold, we doing full-service manufacturer that can provide engineering solutions from product design all the way through to the finished molded product.
we offer both injection molding and tool making capability,series production  and value-added services,we are distinguished for utilization of the most advanced concept ,  equipment and technology , prototype and rapid tooling processes.we create an opportunity for customer  to save cost , reduce lead times, and receive high quality molded products.

Now  our goal has been to stand out in the plastics industry as a company with a team that works well together to solve problems by creating innovative solutions. Here we  have highly qualified and motivated sale teams and professional engineers which can  be efficient to meet customer‘s needs from begining of offer inquirings , construction design  to the end of production, also we have sincerelly after -sales service to help customer  to deal with unexpected technical case during you using parts. Now we  are growing up with customers , have global resources  mainly in USA ,and Europe and geting a good reputation in market. We pride ourselves for  fast responsive service to support all of your business needs.

Production Ability

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