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Time: 2021-04-20


Injection molding machine is also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It is the main molding equipment for making thermoplastic or thermosetting materials into various shapes of plastic products using plastic molding molds.

In terms of function, injection molding machines can be divided into angle injection molding machines, two-color injection molding machines, multi-station molding machines, and electric injection molding machines.

According to the arrangement of the injection device and the clamping device. It can be divided into a vertical injection molding machine, a horizontal injection molding machine, and a vertical and horizontal composite injection molding machine. So what are the characteristics of the vertical injection molding machine and the horizontal injection molding machine?


Vertical injection molding machine

The axis of the injection equipment and the clamping equipment are coaxial, and they are placed in a vertically upward direction. Its advantages are that it occupies a small area. It is convenient to disassemble the equipment and the mold, and it is not easy to insert the insert to fall down. The defect is that after the plastic part is pushed out of the mold, it needs to be taken out manually. To complete the full automation, it is necessary to use a manipulator to take the part. The high body of the vertical machine affects its structural stability, so this method is suitable for the production of simple products.

1. The injection device and the mold clamping device are located on the same vertical centerline, and the mold opens and closes in the vertical direction. So the floor area is very small, only about half of the horizontal machine.

2. The surface of the mold is facing upwards. The position of the insert is very convenient, and the insert molding can be easily inserted.

3. Due to the phenomenon of gravity, the mold is supported by a horizontal template to provide durability to maintain the accuracy of the machine and mold.

4. A simple robot with precise control can retrieve each plastic part cavity.

5. Open universal clamping device, easy to configure, suitable for various types of automation devices, there is no difficulty for the automatic forming of complex and delicate products.

6. The vertical injection molding machine is equipped with a conveying device. Which can realize automatic production and molding.

7. The fluidity of the resin can be ensured, and the temperature distribution of the mold in the mold can be consistent.

8. Equipped with rotating table, movable table, and inclined table, which can be easily realized for insert molding and in-mold combination molding.

9. When testing small batches, the mold structure is simple, the price is low, and it is easy to unload.

10. After repeated seismic tests, the vertical injection molding machine has better seismic resistance than the horizontal machine due to its low center of gravity.


Horizontal injection molding machine

The axis of the injection equipment and the clamping equipment are coaxial and placed horizontally. The horizontal machine is now the most widely used model, because of its low body and stable equipment. This method is used in general large and medium injection molding machines. This type of injection molding machine is easy to operate and repair. The plastic part can be automatically dropped after being pushed out of the mold cavity, and it is easy to complete the full automatic operation. The disadvantage is that the machine tool occupies a large area. It is difficult to place the insert into the mold, and the mold equipment is more labor-intensive.


1. Since the mainframe of the main engine is very low, there is no height restriction on the installation factory.

2. If the product can fall automatically, it is not necessary to use the robot, and the product is automatically formed.

3. The horizontal injection molding machine has a low body, which makes the operation easier and the maintenance easier.

4. The mold should be installed as a crane.

5. When multiple units are arranged side by side, the molded products can be easily collected and packaged by the conveyor belt.